Our Vision

To see the Prayer Movement in each country all over the world


ZPM is a developmental initiative, a new movement of God to quicken, activate, and inspire the church to lead the world by:

  1. Calling an army of warriors and intercessors to come out for mighty and greater exploits.
  2. Breaking down denominational walls and spiritual Jericho walls that have separated us and come into one unity, one voice, and one power for one common cause of rebuilding Zimbabwe.


  1. ZPM expresses God’s love and grace by demonstrating unconditional love for all people as we serve to advance God’s kingdom on earth.
  2. Mixing the word of God with faith
  3. We value a group’s collective skills and competencies to develop processes to overcome poverty.
  4. Freedom is when everyone is living a descent life.

Why we do what we do

We believe God’s timing for Zimbabwe is now.  Can you see it,  the abundance of rain? It’s time to get out of the world which is so full of unbelief, fear, and doubt.  A world that has told us things we can and cannot do, who we know and not know. 

We feel a moral responsibility to call on all Zimbabweans to come together as one people for a common cause to do justice to our country by getting involved in the things that concerns our children and future generations.

Who we are

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers.  It is a country that is rich in minerals, gold, agriculture, and tourism. Economically the country has been hurting and high rates of poverty, hunger, and unemployment have crippled the nations economy.

  1. We are Spiritual Prayer Warriors in action for breakthrough in Zimbabwe
  2. We have a passion for Jesus Christ 
  3. We are the fearless generation
  4. We are professionals, leaders, concerned citizens (young and mature) examining critical issues in social and economic development.
  5. We are taking a bold step to do the right thing for the people and the future of the country.
  6. We are taking responsibility for what Zimbabwe is today and the future.
  7. We are passionate about the social and economic development of Zimbabwe.
  8. We believe Zimbabwe economy can be restored by Zimbabweans